Bashingtones 101 : Fast Poetry for Rapid Readers

Hinrichs, Jens Torsten

In the Internet without frontiers all User-Elements define innovations, create interaction and provide all the things called L.I.K.E. and H.A.T.E. to success so companies transform money and a vision. But these both four letter words have absolutely nothing to do with making and giving L.O.V.E. to somebody or that User-Elements had to be G.L.A.D. with their social experience. Unfortunately User-Elements act like nomads. Nomads settle and leave. Worse luck! My first verbal rampage was „Click in the mud“ that describes that search engines dies last. The second was a rapid reading of „Datenwolkenlead“ at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2013. Since then one leadtext and catastrophe followed another. Help to divide the little minds that already mentioned or recommended, example given: „The Affron - Thank you for being afraid“, „The Coming Collapse“, „Bull in a China Shop“ and „Scourge of Good“. What a beautiful mind!



Hinrichs, Jens: Bashingtones 101. Fast Poetry for Rapid Readers. Suhlendorf NO19.1-CC.2018.4.EN 2018.


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