The structural anatomy of the Pyrenees examined through EMAG2v2 magnetic data

Gamisel-Muzás, África; Soto, Ruth; Ayala, Conxi; Mochales, Tania; Rubio, Félix Manuel; Clariana, Pilar; Rey-Moral, Carmen; Martín-León, Juliana

The major goal of this work is to provide an insight into the structural anatomy of the Pyrenees based on the magnetic data from the Earth Magnetic Anomaly Grid 2-arc-minute resolution (EMAG2v2). We focused on providing qualitative and semi-quantitative evidence on the magnetic signature of the Pyrenees Mountain Range domains and structures. The integration of reduced to the pole and processed maps, as well as the Bouguer anomaly map with geological data, has proved to be significantly useful in order to shed light on the main anomaly sources. Considering their magnetic response and texture, several anomalies can be linked to buried geological bodies or changes in the magnetic character of the basement. We have estimated their source bodies depth through Euler and power spectrum calculations.

We have identified eight magnetic zones with different features and interpreted them in terms of the geological and structural setting of the area. The result is an overall interpretation of the Pyrenees main magnetic domains.



Gamisel-Muzás, África / Soto, Ruth / Ayala, Conxi / et al: The structural anatomy of the Pyrenees examined through EMAG2v2 magnetic data. 2024. Copernicus Publications.


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