Volunteered Citizen Contribution to Smart Cities

Simeonova, Gabriela; Marinov, Ivan; Mickrenska, Christina

The urban planning and management needs a lot of spatial data. The data for the needs must be collected by land survey in most of the cases. When we talk about collecting data, there is a “must” to define: “What kind of data to collect?”. Certain rules are related to the acquired data for professional workflow implementation. The link between data capturing and data implementation can be found in the smart people contribution.
The target of the research is how to improve the spatial data registration, documentation and visualization with low-cost hardware and software in easy accessible platform for data capture and collection by involved citizens for volunteered information sharing. The possibility of applying comprehensible hardware and software for collecting geospatial data and integration into a contribution platform is explored.
The workflow shows that with the help of the citizen initiative, there are many data attributes that can be collected by publishing through free sources, such as: address number, type of street coverage, electrified pole coverage, utility equipment, et cetera.



Simeonova, Gabriela / Marinov, Ivan / Mickrenska, Christina: Volunteered Citizen Contribution to Smart Cities. 2024. Copernicus Publications.


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