Smart Cities, G.I.S. and the Phenomenon of Piracy

Gourgourini, Maria

This article describes the ways a smart city can use Geospatial Information Systems (G.I.S.) to promote its history, focusing on the phenomenon of piracy. Specifically, definitions are given regarding the concept of Smart Cities and their correlation with G.I.S. Then an analysis is made concerning the ways in which historical phenomena, such as piracy, can be visualized using G.I.S. through the creation of interactive maps, 3D models and animated maps. References to historical facts are also presented in order to understand the need of creating such cartographic compositions to highlight aspects of history, that few know and even fewer have studied, especially in Greece. Moreover, we present the ways in which cartographic compositions can be demonstrated in the coastal settlements and the islands that were pirate strongholds. Finally, we show ways that these cartographic compositions can be hosted on a website, giving the possibility to access the information from all over the world, emphasizing the importance of highlighting local history.



Gourgourini, Maria: Smart Cities, G.I.S. and the Phenomenon of Piracy. 2024. Copernicus Publications.


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