WRF-PDAF v1.0: implementation and application of an online localized ensemble data assimilation framework

Shao, Changliang; Nerger, Lars

Data assimilation is a common technique employed to estimate the state and its associated uncertainties in numerical models. Ensemble-based methods are a prevalent choice, although they can be computationally expensive due to the required ensemble integrations. In this study, we enhance the capabilities of the Weather Research and Forecasting–Advanced Research WRF (WRF-ARW) model by coupling it with the Parallel Data Assimilation Framework (PDAF) in a fully online mode. Through minimal modifications to the WRF-ARW model code, we have developed an efficient data assimilation system. This system leverages parallelization and in-memory data transfers between the model and data assimilation processes, greatly reducing the need for file I/O and model restarts during assimilation. We detail the necessary program modifications in this study. One advantage of the resulting assimilation system is a clear separation of concerns between data assimilation method development and model application resulting from PDAF's model-agnostic structure. To evaluate the assimilation system, we conduct a twin experiment simulating an idealized tropical cyclone. Cycled data assimilation experiments focus on the impact of temperature profiles. The assimilation not only significantly enhances temperature field accuracy but also improves the initial inline-formulaU and inline-formulaV fields. The assimilation process introduces only minimal overhead in runtime when compared to the model without data assimilation and exhibits excellent parallel performance. Consequently, the online WRF-PDAF system emerges as an efficient framework for implementing high-resolution mesoscale forecasting and reanalysis.



Shao, Changliang / Nerger, Lars: WRF-PDAF v1.0: implementation and application of an online localized ensemble data assimilation framework. 2024. Copernicus Publications.


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