Consistency-Checking 3D Geological Models

Parquer, Marion N.; de Kemp, Eric A.; Brodaric, Boyan; Hillier, Michael J.

3D geological modelling algorithms can generate multiple models that fit various mathematical and geometrical constraints. The results, however, are often meaningless to geological experts if the models do not respect accepted geological principles. This is problematic given the expected use of the models for various downstream purposes, such as hazard risk assessment, flow characterization, reservoir estimation, natural storage, or mineral and energy exploration. Verification of the geological reasonableness of such models is therefore important: if implausible models can be identified and eliminated, it will save countless hours, computational and human resources, as well as minimize user problems.

To begin assessing geological reasonableness, we develop a framework for consistency-checking and test it with a proof-of-concept tool. The framework consists of a space of consistent and inconsistent geological situations that can be held between a pair of geological objects, and the tool assesses a model against the space to identify (in)consistent situations. Both the framework and tool are successfully applied to several case studies as a promising first step toward automated assessment of geological reasonableness.



Parquer, Marion N. / de Kemp, Eric A. / Brodaric, Boyan / et al: Consistency-Checking 3D Geological Models. 2024. Copernicus Publications.


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