Metamorphic evolution of sillimanite gneiss in the high-pressure terrane of the Western Gneiss Region (Norway)

Engvik, Ane K.; Jakob, Johannes

Sillimanite-bearing gneisses in the Romsdal region of the Western Gneiss Region (south Norway) have been investigated to document the presence, formation, composition and petrological evolution of the sillimanite-bearing assemblages. Sillimanite is found in augen gneiss, as nodular gneiss, and in well-foliated sillimanite–mica gneiss. Lenses and layers of eclogite occur within the gneiss units. The sillimanite-bearing gneisses are heterogranular and dominated by quartz, plagioclase (Aninline-formula29–41), K-feldspar and biotite (Mg# inline-formula= 0.48–0.58; Ti inline-formula= 0.16–0.36 a.p.f.u.), with variable amounts of white mica (Si inline-formula= 6.1–6.3). K-feldspar occurs as porphyroclasts in augen gneiss, and garnet constitutes resorbed porphyroblasts. Garnet (Alminline-formula46–56Spsinline-formula24–36Prpinline-formula10−20Grsinline-formula4–6; Mg# inline-formula= 0.22–0.29) shows rimward-decreasing Mg#, together with a smaller grossular decrease and a marked spessartine increase up to Spsinline-formula36. The foliation is defined by crystal-preferred-orientation micas, elongation of shape-preferred-orientation coarse K-feldspar phenocrysts and a modal banding of phases. Sillimanite occurs as coarse orientation-parallel matrix porphyroblasts, as finer grains and as fibrolitic aggregates. Quartz constitutes coarser elongated grains and monomineralic rods. Pseudosection modelling suggests that the peak-metamorphic mineral assemblage of garnet–sillimanite–feldspar–biotite–quartz–ilmenite–liquid equilibrated at temperatures up to 750 °C and pressures of 0.6 GPa. Subsequent retrogression consumed garnet. Mineral replacement and melt crystallization involved sillimanite, white mica, K-feldspar and quartz. The results document a metamorphic retrogression of the sillimanite gneisses in accordance with the presence of remnants of eclogites and high-pressure granulites in this northwestern part of the Western Gneiss Region.



Engvik, Ane K. / Jakob, Johannes: Metamorphic evolution of sillimanite gneiss in the high-pressure terrane of the Western Gneiss Region (Norway). 2024. Copernicus Publications.


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