CSDMS Data Components: data–model integration tools for Earth surface processes modeling

Gan, Tian; Tucker, Gregory E.; Hutton, Eric W. H.; Piper, Mark D.; Overeem, Irina; Kettner, Albert J.; Campforts, Benjamin; Moriarty, Julia M.; Undzis, Brianna; Pierce, Ethan; McCready, Lynn

Progress in better understanding and modeling Earth surface systems requires an ongoing integration of data and numerical models. Advances are currently hampered by technical barriers that inhibit finding, accessing, and executing modeling software with related datasets. We propose a design framework for Data Components, which are software packages that provide access to particular research datasets or types of data. Because they use a standard interface based on the Basic Model Interface (BMI), Data Components can function as plug-and-play components within modeling frameworks to facilitate seamless data–model integration. To illustrate the design and potential applications of Data Components and their advantages, we present several case studies in Earth surface processes analysis and modeling. The results demonstrate that the Data Component design provides a consistent and efficient way to access heterogeneous datasets from multiple sources and to seamlessly integrate them with various models. This design supports the creation of open data–model integration workflows that can be discovered, accessed, and reproduced through online data sharing platforms, which promotes data reuse and improves research transparency and reproducibility.



Gan, Tian / Tucker, Gregory E. / Hutton, Eric W. H. / et al: CSDMS Data Components: data–model integration tools for Earth surface processes modeling. 2024. Copernicus Publications.


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