Modelling detrital cosmogenic nuclide concentrations during landscape evolution in Cidre v2.0

Carretier, Sébastien; Regard, Vincent; Abdelhafiz, Youssouf; Plazolles, Bastien

The measurement of cosmogenic nuclide (CN) concentrations in riverine sediment has provided breakthroughs in our understanding of landscape evolution. Yet, linking this detrital CN signal and relief evolution is based on hypotheses that are not easy to verify in the field. Models can be used to explore the statistics of CN concentrations in sediment grains. In this work, we present a coupling between the landscape evolution model Cidre and a model of the CN concentration in distinct grains. These grains are exhumed and detached from the bedrock and then transported in the sediment to the catchment outlet with temporary burials and travel according to the erosion–deposition rates calculated spatially in Cidre. The concentrations of various CNs can be tracked in these grains. Because the CN concentrations are calculated in a limited number of grains, they provide an approximation of the whole CN flux. Therefore, this approach is limited by the number of grains that can be handled in a reasonable computing time. Conversely, it becomes possible to record part of the variability in the erosion–deposition processes by tracking the CN concentrations in distinct grains using a Lagrangian approach. We illustrate the robustness and limitations of this approach by deriving the catchment-average erosion rates from the mean inline-formula10Be concentration of grains leaving a synthetic catchment and comparing them with the erosion rates calculated from sediment flux, for different uplift scenarios. We show that the catchment-average erosion rates are approximated to within 5 % uncertainty in most of the cases with a limited number of grains.



Carretier, Sébastien / Regard, Vincent / Abdelhafiz, Youssouf / et al: Modelling detrital cosmogenic nuclide concentrations during landscape evolution in Cidre v2.0. 2023. Copernicus Publications.


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