A simulation chamber for absorption spectroscopy in planetary atmospheres

Snels, Marcel; Stefani, Stefania; Boccaccini, Angelo; Biondi, David; Piccioni, Giuseppe

A novel simulation chamber, PASSinline-formulaxS (Planetary Atmosphere Simulation System for Spectroscopy), has been developed for absorption measurements performed with a Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS) and, possibly, a cavity ring-down (CRD) spectrometer with a sample temperature ranging from 100 up to 550 K, while the pressure of the gas can be varied from 10 mbar up to 60 bar. These temperature and pressure ranges cover a significant part of the planetary atmospheres in the solar system, and the absorption chamber can thus be used to simulate planetary atmospheres of solar planets and extrasolar planets with similar physical conditions. The optical absorption path for the FTS absorption measurements is 3.2 m due to the implementation of a multi-pass setup inside the chamber. The FTS measurements cover a wide spectral range, from the visible to the mid-infrared, with a sensitivity sufficient for medium-strength absorption bands. The FTS has been used previously to measure high-pressure atmospheres, including collision-induced absorption bands and continuum absorption at ambient temperatures. PASSinline-formulaxS allows the measurement of the temperature dependence of collision-induced bands and continuum absorption, which is important for both the modeling of planetary atmospheres and fundamental processes involving collisions between molecules and atoms.



Snels, Marcel / Stefani, Stefania / Boccaccini, Angelo / et al: A simulation chamber for absorption spectroscopy in planetary atmospheres. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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