Sensitivity study of the REMO regional climate model to domain size

Suga, Réka; Megyeri-Korotaj, Otília A.; Allaga-Zsebeházi, Gabriella

In the framework of the KlimAdat national project, the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) is aiming to perform 10 km horizontal resolution simulations with the 2015 version of the REMO regional climate model over Central and Eastern Europe. The long-term simulations were preceded by a 10-year long sensitivity study on domain size, which is summarised in this paper. We selected three different domains embedded in each other, which contain the whole area of the Danube and Tisza river catchments. Lateral boundary conditions were obtained from the 50 km resolution REMO driven by the MPI-ESM-LR global climate model. Simulations were performed for the period of 1970–1980 including 1-year spin-up. Monthly and seasonal means of daily 2 m temperature, precipitation sum and several precipitation indices were evaluated. Reference datasets were E-OBS 19.0 and CarpatClim-HU. We can conclude, that the selection of domain size has a larger impact on the simulation of precipitation, and in the case of the seasonal mean of the precipitation indices, the differences amongst the results obtained on each model domain exceed 10 %. In general, the smallest biases occurred on the largest domain, therefore further long-term simulations are being produced on this domain.



Suga, Réka / Megyeri-Korotaj, Otília A. / Allaga-Zsebeházi, Gabriella: Sensitivity study of the REMO regional climate model to domain size. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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