Revised taxonomy and early evolution of fasciculiths at the Danian–Selandian transition

Miniati, Francesco; Cappelli, Carlotta; Monechi, Simonetta

We present a taxonomic revision of the family Fasciculithaceae focused on forms that characterize the early evolution of this family group, which are currently included within the genera Gomphiolithus, Diantholitha, Lithoptychius and Fasciculithus. The investigation approach is based on a combined light microscope (LM) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) analysis of specimens from well-preserved ODP–DSDP site material (ODP Site 1209; Site 1262; ODP Site 1267; DSDP Site 356; DSDP Site 119) and outcrops (Bottaccione and Contessa, Italy; Qreiya, Egypt) across the Danian–Selandian transition. The direct LM–SEM comparison of the same individual specimen provides clarification of several taxa that were previously described only with the LM. One new genus (Tectulithus), five new combinations (Tectulithus janii, Tectulithus merloti, Tectulithus pileatus, Tectulithus stegastos and Tectulithus stonehengei) and six new species are defined (Diantholitha pilula, Diantholitha toquea, Lithoptychius galeottii, Lithoptychius maioranoae, Tectulithus pagodiformis and Fasciculithus realeae). The main characteristics useful to identify fasciculiths with the LM are provided, together with a 3D–2D drawing showing the main structural features. The accurate taxonomic characterization grants the development of an evolutionary lineage that documents a great fasciculith diversification during the late Danian and early Selandian. Four different well-constrained events have been documented: the lowest occurrence (LO) of Gomphiolithus, the paracme of Fasciculithaceae at the top of Chron C27r (PTC27r), the radiation of Diantholitha (LO Diantholitha), the paracme of Fasciculithaceae at the base of Chron C26r (PBC26r), the radiation of Lithoptychius (LO Lithoptychius) and the radiation of Tectulithus (lowest common occurrence of Tectulithus) that shows the biostratigraphic relevance of this group across the Danian–Selandian transition.



Miniati, Francesco / Cappelli, Carlotta / Monechi, Simonetta: Revised taxonomy and early evolution of fasciculiths at the Danian–Selandian transition. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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