The Coastline Evolution Model 2D (CEM2D) V1.1

Leach, Chloe; Coulthard, Tom; Barkwith, Andrew; Parsons, Daniel R.; Manson, Susan

Coasts are among the most intensely used environments on the planet, but they also present dynamic and unique hazards, including flooding and erosion. Sea level rise and changing wave climates will alter patterns of erosion and deposition, but some existing coastline evolution models are unable to simulate these effects due to their one-dimensional representation of the systems or the sediment transport processes. In this paper, the development and application of the Coastline Evolution Model 2D (CEM2D) are presented, a model which incorporates these influences. The model has been developed from the established CEM and is capable of simulating fundamental cause–effect relationships in coastal systems. The two-dimensional storage and transport of sediment in CEM2D, which are only done in one-dimension in CEM, mean it is also capable of exploring the influence of a variable water level on sediment transport and the formation and evolution of morphological features and landforms at the mesoscale. The model sits between one-dimensional and three-dimensional models, with the advantage of increased complexity and detail in model outputs compared to the former but with more efficiency and less computational expense than the latter.



Leach, Chloe / Coulthard, Tom / Barkwith, Andrew / et al: The Coastline Evolution Model 2D (CEM2D) V1.1. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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