Minute Sea-Level Analysis (MISELA): a high-frequency sea-level analysis global dataset

Zemunik, Petra; Šepić, Jadranka; Pellikka, Havu; Ćatipović, Leon; Vilibić, Ivica

Sea-level observations provide information on a variety of processes occurring over different temporal and spatial scales that may contribute to coastal flooding and hazards. However, global research on sea-level extremes is restricted to hourly datasets, which prevent the quantification and analyses of processes occurring at timescales between a few minutes and a few hours. These shorter-period processes, like seiches, meteotsunamis, infragravity and coastal waves, may even dominate in low tidal basins. Therefore, a new global 1 min sea-level dataset – MISELA (Minute Sea-Level Analysis) – has been developed, encompassing quality-checked records of nonseismic sea-level oscillations at tsunami timescales (inline-formulaT<2 h) obtained from 331 tide-gauge sites (https://doi.org/10.14284/456https://doi.org/10.14284/456, Zemunik et al., 2021b). This paper describes data quality control procedures applied to the MISELA dataset, world and regional coverage of tide-gauge sites, and lengths of time series. The dataset is appropriate for global, regional or local research of atmospherically induced high-frequency sea-level oscillations, which should be included in the overall sea-level extremes assessments.



Zemunik, Petra / Šepić, Jadranka / Pellikka, Havu / et al: Minute Sea-Level Analysis (MISELA): a high-frequency sea-level analysis global dataset. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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