Modeling of additive height and numerical analysis of cooling parameters for aero blade remanufacturing

Gong, Miao; Dai, Shijie; Wang, Tao; Wang, Liwen

Additive remanufacturing height and matching cooling parameters are the key factors affecting blade repair quality. First, the mathematical model of the single additive remanufacturing repair height and wire-feeding speed was established, the solution method was proposed and the numerical solution was obtained, and the validity of the model was verified by experiments. Then, based on the calculation results of a single additive remanufacturing repair, the geometric morphology of the cross section under double additive remanufacturing repair was analyzed, and the mathematical model was established. Second, based on the optimal parameters obtained by numerical analysis and the mathematical model, the fluid structure coupling heat transfer model of “blade fixture” for base channel cooling was established. The cooling effect of the typical section under different initial temperatures and different flow rates was calculated, and the coupled heat transfer in the process of blade remanufacturing was explained by the mechanism. Third, through the comparative analysis of the cooling effect, optimal cooling parameters of double additive remanufacturing repair were obtained, and the model of coupled heat flow was verified by experiment. The results showed that the mathematical model of additive remanufacturing height is effective for studying the thermal cycle and cooling effect of welding, and the cooling parameters obtained by numerical analysis can effectively guarantee the quality of double additive remanufacturing of blade repair.



Gong, Miao / Dai, Shijie / Wang, Tao / et al: Modeling of additive height and numerical analysis of cooling parameters for aero blade remanufacturing. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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