Invited perspectives: The ECMWF strategy 2021–2030 challenges in the area of natural hazards

Pappenberger, Florian; Rabier, Florence; Venuti, Fabio

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) mission is to deliver high-quality global medium-range numerical weather predictions and monitoring of the Earth system to its member states. The modelling and forecasting of natural hazards are an important part of this mission. Challenges in this area include the integration of innovative observations into the Earth system; realistic representations of water, energy and carbon cycles; coupling and initialisation of all Earth system components; adequate representation of uncertainties; supporting the development of user-specific products to enable optimal decision-making under uncertainties; and advances in software engineering. The new ECMWF strategy identified three pillars to sustain its future development (ECMWF, 2021a): science and technology (world-leading weather and Earth system science, cutting-edge technology and computational science), impact (high-quality products fit for purpose, efficient and easy access to products), and people (inspiring and hiring the best experts). Progress in all these areas will need enhanced collaboration with member states and partners across Europe and beyond.



Pappenberger, Florian / Rabier, Florence / Venuti, Fabio: Invited perspectives: The ECMWF strategy 2021–2030 challenges in the area of natural hazards. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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