Internet-of-things-based four-dimensional high-density electrical instrument for geophysical prospecting

Zhou, Keyu; Zhang, Qisheng; Liu, Yongdong; Wu, Zhen; Lin, Zucan; Zhao, Bentian; Jiang, Xingyuan; Li, Pengyu

The high-density electrical method is a primary method used in shallow geophysical prospecting. Due to the rapid industrial development that has taken place in recent years, the function and performance of high-density electrical instruments have been considerably improved in several aspects. However, most of the electrical instruments currently available on the market still exhibit some shortcomings, such as being bulky, heavy, limited in their data acquisition accuracy, and difficult to connect to the Internet for remote monitoring. To address these problems, this study developed a new multifunctional four-dimensional (4D) high-density electrical instrument based on remote wireless communication technology. The system is small and lightweight, includes an integrated transceiver, has high data acquisition accuracy, and is capable of remote wireless real-time control. In this study, the hardware circuit was designed. The Arm all-in-one (AIO) LJD-eWinV5-ST7 with a 154.4 cm inline-formula× 87 cm, 800 inline-formula× 480 high-brightness wide-temperature-range display is used as the host computer, which has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, and abundant hardware resources. Internet of things (IoT) technology is incorporated in the system, and a 4G module is employed to provide a real-time remote control and data acquisition monitoring system based on the cloud platform. Tests showed that this instrument is stable and convenient to use and can meet the requirements for use in field prospecting.



Zhou, Keyu / Zhang, Qisheng / Liu, Yongdong / et al: Internet-of-things-based four-dimensional high-density electrical instrument for geophysical prospecting. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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