Surface plasmon assisted toxic chemical NO 2 gas sensor by Au ∕ ZnO functional thin films

Gaur, Ravinder; Padhy, Himanshu Mohan; Elayaperumal, Manikandan

In this short communication, we propose a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) sensor based on a ZnO inline-formula M5inlinescrollmathml / 8pt14ptsvg-formulamathimg93e47eb16cb371fe6916d3191efc4f1d jsss-10-163-2021-ie00004.svg8pt14ptjsss-10-163-2021-ie00004.png  Au hybrid thin-film material structure and experimentally investigate its sensitivity improvement. The Kretschmann-based SPR sensor utilizes ZnO thin films and nanostructures for performance enhancement. The advancement in SPR technology relies on a low-cost, high-sensitivity, and high-selectivity sensor. Metal oxide (MO) has been incorporated into the SPR sensor to be used for detection of biological and chemical compounds. ZnO as one of the metal oxides is an attractive material due to its unique physical and optical properties. Numerous techniques for fabrication and characterization of ZnO on SPR gold substrate have been studied. The mechanism for gas and biomolecule detection depends on their interaction with the ZnO surface, which is mainly attributed to the high isoelectric point of ZnO. There are several types of ZnO nanostructures which have been employed for SPR application based on the Kretschmann configuration. In the future, the thin film and nanostructures of ZnO could be a potential application for miniature design, robust, high sensitivity, and a low-cost portable type of SPR biosensor to be used for on-site testing in a real-time and label-free manner. The present work includes the application of a developed SPR setup for gas sensing at room temperature using a specially designed gas cell. The change in the optical properties of dielectric layers (ZnO) with adsorption of gases (NOinline-formula2) in order to develop an optical sensor has been presented. The obtained results emphasize the applications of an SPR setup for the study of interaction of adsorbed gas molecules, with dielectrics and gas sensing.



Gaur, Ravinder / Padhy, Himanshu Mohan / Elayaperumal, Manikandan: Surface plasmon assisted toxic chemical NO2 gas sensor by Au ∕ ZnO functional thin films. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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