Carbon dioxide fluxes and carbon balance of an agricultural grassland in southern Finland

Heimsch, Laura; Lohila, Annalea; Tuovinen, Juha-Pekka; Vekuri, Henriikka; Heinonsalo, Jussi; Nevalainen, Olli; Korkiakoski, Mika; Liski, Jari; Laurila, Tuomas; Kulmala, Liisa

A significant proportion of the global carbon emissions to the atmosphere originate from agriculture. Therefore, continuous long-term monitoring of COinline-formula2 fluxes is essential to understand the carbon dynamics and balances of different agricultural sites. Here we present results from a new eddy covariance flux measurement site located in southern Finland. We measured COinline-formula2 and Hinline-formula2O fluxes at this agricultural grassland site for 2 years, from May 2018 to May 2020. In particular the first summer experienced prolonged dry periods, which affected the COinline-formula2 fluxes, and substantially larger fluxes were observed in the second summer. During the dry summer, leaf area index (LAI) was notably lower than in the second summer. Water use efficiency increased with LAI in a similar manner in both years, but photosynthetic capacity per leaf area was lower during the dry summer. The annual carbon balance was calculated based on the COinline-formula2 fluxes and management measures, which included input of carbon as organic fertilizers and output as yield. The carbon balance of the field was inline-formula−57inline-formula± 10 and inline-formula−86inline-formula± 12 g C minline-formula−2 yrinline-formula−1 in the first and second study years, respectively.



Heimsch, Laura / Lohila, Annalea / Tuovinen, Juha-Pekka / et al: Carbon dioxide fluxes and carbon balance of an agricultural grassland in southern Finland. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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