Vibration error compensation algorithm in the development of laser interference absolute gravimeters

Wu, Qiong; Teng, Yuntian; Wang, Xiaomei; Wu, Yanxiong; Zhang, Yang

Measurement error arising from vibration interference is recognized as the primary obstacle limiting the accuracy and stability of laser interference absolute gravimeters. The present work addresses this issue by proposing a global search optimization algorithm that determines the optimal absolute value of gravity based on the measured time–displacement coordinates of a falling body and the signal obtained from the passive vibration isolation system of the inertial reference corner cube in a laser interference absolute gravimeter. Results of numerical calculations conducted under vibration interference conditions with added white noise resulting in a signal-to-noise ratio of 40 inline-formuladB demonstrate the following.

  1. d1e141The accuracy and standard deviation of the gravimeter obtained using the proposed algorithm are inline-formula−0.04 inline-formulaµGal (inline-formula M4inlinescrollmathml normal 1 nobreak0.125em unit normal µ normal Gal = normal 1 × normal 10 - normal 8 85pt15ptsvg-formulamathimg2834b746c01581364492f10bfdea645d gi-10-113-2021-ie00001.svg85pt15ptgi-10-113-2021-ie00001.png inline-formulam s−2) and 0.24 inline-formulaµGal, respectively, while those values obtained by the standard least-squares solution are 10.19 and 154.11 inline-formulaµGal, respectively.

  2. d1e228The test results indicate that the average response of the reference value of acceleration due to gravity superimposed by a disturbance of 1.00 inline-formulaµGal is 1.01 inline-formulaµGal using the proposed algorithm and 0.87 inline-formulaµGal using the standard least-squares solution.



Wu, Qiong / Teng, Yuntian / Wang, Xiaomei / et al: Vibration error compensation algorithm in the development of laser interference absolute gravimeters. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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