Chemical characterization of oxygenated organic compounds in the gas phase and particle phase using iodide CIMS with FIGAERO in urban air

Ye, Chenshuo; Yuan, Bin; Lin, Yi; Wang, Zelong; Hu, Weiwei; Li, Tiange; Chen, Wei; Wu, Caihong; Wang, Chaomin; Huang, Shan; Qi, Jipeng; Wang, Baolin; Wang, Chen; Song, Wei; Wang, Xinming; Zheng, E; Krechmer, Jordan E.; Ye, Penglin; Zhang, Zhanyi; Wang, Xuemei; Worsnop, Douglas R.; Shao, Min

The atmospheric processes under polluted environments involving interactions of anthropogenic pollutants and natural emissions lead to the formation of various and complex secondary products. Therefore, the characterization of oxygenated organic compounds in urban areas remains a pivotal issue in our understanding of the evolution of organic carbon. Here, we describe measurements of an iodide chemical ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer installed with a Filter Inlet for Gases and AEROsols (FIGAERO-I-CIMS) in both the gas phase and the particle phase at an urban site in Guangzhou, a typical megacity in southern China, during the autumn of 2018. Abundant oxygenated organic compounds containing two to five oxygen atoms were observed, including organic acids, multi-functional organic compounds typically emitted from biomass burning, oxidation products of biogenic hydrocarbons and aromatics. Photochemistry played dominant roles in the formation of gaseous organic acids and isoprene-derived organic nitrates, while nighttime chemistry contributed significantly to the formation of monoterpene-derived organic nitrates and inorganics. Nitrogen-containing organic compounds occupied a significant fraction of the total signal in both the gas and particle phases, with elevated fractions at higher molecular weights. Measurements of organic compounds in the particle phase by FIGAERO-I-CIMS explained 24 inline-formula± 0.8 % of the total organic aerosol mass measured by aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS), and the fraction increased for more aged organic aerosol. The systematical interpretation of mass spectra of the FIGAERO-I-CIMS in the urban area of Guangzhou provides a holistic view of numerous oxygenated organic compounds in the urban atmosphere, which can serve as a reference for the future field measurements by FIGAERO-I-CIMS in polluted urban regions.



Ye, Chenshuo / Yuan, Bin / Lin, Yi / et al: Chemical characterization of oxygenated organic compounds in the gas phase and particle phase using iodide CIMS with FIGAERO in urban air. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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