Vibroacoustic characteristics analysis of a planetary gear reducer considering the exterior housing structure

Jin, Lihong; Shao, Junpeng; Wang, Xigui; Wang, Yongmei; Fu, Baixue

Previous studies have attempted to identify weak links in the dynamic characteristics of the planetary gear reducer (PGR) exterior body structure (EBS). Through numerical simulation, these studies analyzed the mode and natural frequencies and the vibration types of each order of the EBS. However, these scholars have never focused on the main factors affecting the dynamic characteristics of the EBS of this subject. This study in the topic has analyzed the vibroacoustic characteristics of an EBS and optimized its design using numerical simulation. Herein, the contribution of the vibration transfer path from the excitation points on the exterior body to the machine foot is emphatically revealed, and the influences of the main structural parameters on the transfer characteristics are discussed. An optimal EBS for a PGR with lower acoustic vibrations is designed in detail, and a composite EBS with damping vibration attenuation and acoustic absorption is proposed. The radiation acoustic characteristics without acoustic protection and damping materials are analyzed. These research results are implemented in order to realize the dynamic characteristics, transmission, and radiation acoustic characteristics as objects of optimization, and the structural design parameters of the PGR exterior body are deeply optimized using dynamic modification and sensitivity analysis. This topic focuses on the vibroacoustic coupling of EBS in stationary fluid and average flow field. Based on the analysis method of theoretical modeling and numerical calculation, the EBS dynamic response and vibroacoustic characteristics under the action of frontal excitation external acoustic flow field are studied, which will be beneficial to explore the comprehensive optimization design of PGR dynamic and vibroacoustic properties.



Jin, Lihong / Shao, Junpeng / Wang, Xigui / et al: Vibroacoustic characteristics analysis of a planetary gear reducer considering the exterior housing structure. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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