Structure optimization of a pipetting device to improve the insertion effect of tips

Huang, Zeng; Wang, Chenxue; Su, Qian; Lian, Zhiping

In order to solve the problems of the failure of disposable tip insertion which happens in the pipetting process of most multi-station and high-throughput pipetting devices, this paper proposes a high-rigidity screw-type pipette shaft–disposable tip assembly mechanism with excellent auto-centering effects based on the principle of the ball screw drive. The stiffness model of the new pipetting device is established, and its stiffness and axial deformation are analyzed. This new mechanism was introduced to a multi-station and high-throughput pipetting workstation, and the process of pipetting disposable tips is simulated by ANSYS software. The analytical results show that the stiffness value of the new pipetting device is approximately 90 N/inline-formulaµm, and the amount of deformation of the inline-formulaz-axis manipulator is reduced by about 60 % compared to the original pipetting device. Finally, physical verification of the prototype was carried out in the work. The test results show that the new pipetting workstation can increase the tightening rate of the tips by approximately 12 % after optimization when 96 tips are inserted in a single press. In addition, the pass rate of the tightness test of the optimized pipetting workstation has increased by approximately 20 %.



Huang, Zeng / Wang, Chenxue / Su, Qian / et al: Structure optimization of a pipetting device to improve the insertion effect of tips. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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