Center-point steering analysis of tracked omni-vehicles based on skid conditions

Fang, Yuan; Zhang, Yunan; Shang, Yinghui; Huang, Tao; Yan, Mengfei

Existing center-point steering models of a tracked omni-vehicle seldom consider the skid of the track (roller) grounding section, which is inconsistent with the actual steering process. In this study, for the three typical layout types, rectangular, hybrid, and centripetal, the steady center-point steering motion of a tracked omni-vehicle under skid conditions is analyzed and a correction model is investigated. The numerical solution of the absolute lateral offset of the steering pole is obtained, and the influences of various structural parameters on the numerical solution are discussed. The steering angular velocity reduction coefficient is calculated, and the angular velocity of vehicles is corrected. The simulation of center-point steering motion is carried out on eight virtual prototypes, and the center-point steering motion experiment is carried out on three physical prototypes. The results show that the established correction model is more in line with the steering reality of the tracked omni-vehicle, and it can play a role in correcting the center-point steering angular velocity.



Fang, Yuan / Zhang, Yunan / Shang, Yinghui / et al: Center-point steering analysis of tracked omni-vehicles based on skid conditions. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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