Measurement report: regional trends of stratospheric ozone evaluated using the MErged GRIdded Dataset of Ozone Profiles (MEGRIDOP)

Sofieva, Viktoria F.; Szeląg, Monika; Tamminen, Johanna; Kyrölä, Erkki; Degenstein, Doug; Roth, Chris; Zawada, Daniel; Rozanov, Alexei; Arosio, Carlo; Burrows, John P.; Weber, Mark; Laeng, Alexandra; Stiller, Gabriele P.; von Clarmann, Thomas; Froidevaux, Lucien; Livesey, Nathaniel; van Roozendael, Michel; Retscher, Christian

In this paper, we present the MErged GRIdded Dataset of Ozone Profiles (MEGRIDOP) in the stratosphere with a resolved longitudinal structure, which is derived from data from six limb and occultation satellite instruments: GOMOS, SCIAMACHY and MIPAS on Envisat, OSIRIS on Odin, OMPS on Suomi-NPP, and MLS on Aura. The merged dataset was generated as a contribution to the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative Ozone project (Ozone_cci). The period of this merged time series of ozone profiles is from late 2001 until the end of 2018.

The monthly mean gridded ozone profile dataset is provided in the altitude range from 10 to 50 km in bins of 10inline-formula latitude inline-formula× 20inline-formula longitude. The merging is performed using deseasonalized anomalies. The created MEGRIDOP dataset can be used for analyses that probe our understanding of stratospheric chemistry and dynamics. To illustrate some possible applications, we created a climatology of ozone profiles with resolved longitudinal structure. We found zonal asymmetry in the climatological ozone profiles at middle and high latitudes associated with the polar vortex. At northern high latitudes, the amplitude of the seasonal cycle also has a longitudinal dependence.

The MEGRIDOP dataset has also been used to evaluate regional vertically resolved ozone trends in the stratosphere, including the polar regions. It is found that stratospheric ozone trends exhibit longitudinal structures at Northern Hemisphere middle and high latitudes, with enhanced trends over Scandinavia and the Atlantic region. This agrees well with previous analyses and might be due to changes in dynamical processes related to the Brewer–Dobson circulation.



Sofieva, Viktoria F. / Szeląg, Monika / Tamminen, Johanna / et al: Measurement report: regional trends of stratospheric ozone evaluated using the MErged GRIdded Dataset of Ozone Profiles (MEGRIDOP). 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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