COSMOS-UK: national soil moisture and hydrometeorology data for environmental science research

Cooper, Hollie M.; Bennett, Emma; Blake, James; Blyth, Eleanor; Boorman, David; Cooper, Elizabeth; Evans, Jonathan; Fry, Matthew; Jenkins, Alan; Morrison, Ross; Rylett, Daniel; Stanley, Simon; Szczykulska, Magdalena; Trill, Emily; Antoniou, Vasileios; Askquith-Ellis, Anne; Ball, Lucy; Brooks, Milo; Clarke, Michael A.; Cowan, Nicholas; Cumming, Alexander; Farrand, Philip; Hitt, Olivia; Lord, William; Scarlett, Peter; Swain, Oliver; Thornton, Jenna; Warwick, Alan; Winterbourn, Ben

The COSMOS-UK observation network has been providing field-scale soil moisture and hydrometeorological measurements across the UK since 2013. At the time of publication a total of 51 COSMOS-UK sites have been established, each delivering high-temporal resolution data in near-real time. Each site utilizes a cosmic-ray neutron sensor, which counts epithermal neutrons at the land surface. These measurements are used to derive field-scale near-surface soil water content, which can provide unique insight for science, industry, and agriculture by filling a scale gap between localized point soil moisture and large-scale satellite soil moisture datasets. Additional soil physics and meteorological measurements are made by the COSMOS-UK network including precipitation, air temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, soil heat flux, wind speed and direction, and components of incoming and outgoing radiation. These near-real-time observational data can be used to improve the performance of hydrological models, validate remote sensing products, improve hydro-meteorological forecasting, and underpin applications across a range of other scientific fields. The most recent version of the COSMOS-UK dataset is publically available at (Stanley et al., 2021).



Cooper, Hollie M. / Bennett, Emma / Blake, James / et al: COSMOS-UK: national soil moisture and hydrometeorology data for environmental science research. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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