Mixed synthesis method of motion and path of planar four-bar linkages

Wu, Rui; Li, Ruiqin; Liang, Hailong; Ning, Fengping

The mixed synthesis of motion and path generation, which is also known as the Alt–Burmester problem, is an attractive problem for study. However, such a problem for the four-bar linkages which possess more than inline-formulaM poses (inline-formulaM>5) and mixed inline-formulaN path points has not been well-solved. In this work, a mixed synthesis method is developed for planar four-bar linkages to cope with the above problem. The developed method can quickly select an optimal combination that contains five poses and inline-formulaN points by using the conic filtering algorithm, which is based on the similar characteristics of the value and direction between the conic and coupler curves in a certain neighborhood. Next, the selected five poses are substituted into a simplified equation system of motion synthesis which includes four equations and four variables to solve the parameters of the planar four-bar linkage. Finally, a case is provided to validate the effectiveness of the developed method in the mixed synthesis problem.



Wu, Rui / Li, Ruiqin / Liang, Hailong / et al: Mixed synthesis method of motion and path of planar four-bar linkages. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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