Local mode interpretation of the OH overtone spectrum of 1:1 phyllosilicates

Balan, Etienne; Fritsch, Emmanuel; Juillot, Farid; Allard, Thierry; Petit, Sabine

Although OH overtone bands of inline-formula1:1 phyllosilicates are commonly observed in their near-infrared (NIR) spectra, their interpretation in terms of transitions between specific vibrational states is still uncertain. This situation can be traced back to the coupled nature of the fundamental OH-stretching modes involving the interlayer OH groups of inline-formula1:1 phyllosilicates. In this case, the overtone spectra cannot be directly related to their fundamental counterparts observed in the mid-infrared (MIR) spectra. In the present study, we use a parameterized quantum-mechanical approach to compute the vibrational frequencies related to the fundamental and overtone bands in serpentine group and kaolinite group minerals. The simple model is based on a description of the vibrational properties of a cluster of OH groups in terms of harmonically coupled anharmonic oscillators. The comparison of the theoretical results with experimental observations makes it possible to interpret most of the salient features of the overtone spectrum of inline-formula1:1 phyllosilicates. Unlike the bands observed in the MIR spectra, the overtone bands observed between 7000 and 7300 cminline-formula−1 are related to local transitions from the ground state to the second excitation level of OH groups, whereas the weaker bands observed between 7300 and 7400 cminline-formula−1 involve a double excitation to the first vibrational level of OH oscillators. The results also support the assignment of specific overtone bands to the occurrence of substituted divalent cations of transition elements in serpentine group minerals.



Balan, Etienne / Fritsch, Emmanuel / Juillot, Farid / et al: Local mode interpretation of the OH overtone spectrum of 1:1 phyllosilicates. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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