Design and performance analysis of wave linear generator with parallel mechanism

Yao, Tao; Wang, Yulong; Wang, Zhihua; Qin, Can

Considering the irregularity of wave motion, a wave energy converter (WEC) based on 6-UCU parallel mechanism has been investigated. A buoy connected to moving platform is used to harvest wave energy. Each chain is equipped with the linear generator of the same structure, which can convert the absorbed wave energy into electrical energy. Based on the inverse kinematics analysis of parallel mechanism, the position of the parallel mechanism is solved by using the space closed-loop vector method; the relative motion of stator and translator is obtained. Through electromagnetic numerical simulations, the influences of linear generator parameters such as magnetization mode, air gap, and yoke shape on electromagnetic performance were evaluated. Numerical results show axial magnetization and Halbach magnet array can increase magnetic flux intensity more than radial mode. Furthermore, the rule of electromagnetic resistance is discussed with the change of the speed amplitude and the angle frequency. For a case, dynamic differential equation of the whole system is established. The conversion rate of wave energy is derived.



Yao, Tao / Wang, Yulong / Wang, Zhihua / et al: Design and performance analysis of wave linear generator with parallel mechanism. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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