Study on the measurement of isoprene by differential optical absorption spectroscopy

Gao, Song; Wang, Shanshan; Gu, Chuanqi; Zhu, Jian; Zhang, Ruifeng; Guo, Yanlin; Yan, Yuhao; Zhou, Bin

In this paper, the continuous online measurements of isoprene in the atmosphere have been carried out by using differential optical absorption spectroscopy (DOAS) in the band of 202.71–227.72 nm for the first time. Under a zero optical path in the laboratory, different equivalent concentrations of isoprene were measured by the combination of known concentrations of gas and series calibration cells. The correlation between the measured concentrations and the equivalent concentrations was 0.9995, and the slope was 1.065. The correlation coefficient between DOAS and the online volatile organic compound (VOC) instrument observed from 23 d of field observations is 0.85 with a slope of 0.86. It was estimated that the detection limit of isoprene with DOAS is approximately 0.1 ppb at an optical path of 75 m, and it was verified that isoprene could be measured in the ultraviolet absorption band using the DOAS method with high temporal resolution and a low maintenance cost.



Gao, Song / Wang, Shanshan / Gu, Chuanqi / et al: Study on the measurement of isoprene by differential optical absorption spectroscopy. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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