Geometric synthesis method of compliant mechanism based on similarity transformation of pole maps

Lin, Song; Zhang, Yu; Wang, Hanchao; Jiang, Jingyu; Modler, Niels

This paper presents a geometric synthesis method for compliant mechanisms based on similarity transformation of pole maps. Motion generation is a typical and common mechanism synthesis task, so this study takes it as the design requirement to expound the proposed method. Most of the current research work relies on numerical solution of the nonlinear Bernoulli–Euler beam model, numerical simulations or physical experiments to study the synthesis method of compliant mechanisms. There is a lack of simpler and more efficient methods to achieve motion generation of compliant mechanisms with various topologies. This study is based on pole map which is a geometric tool to describe the motion of rigid-body mechanisms. In this paper, we first demonstrate the feasibility of applying the similarity transformation of pole map to compliant mechanisms. It is proved that the pole map of compliant mechanisms has the same characteristic as rigid-body mechanisms during similarity transformation. Then we present the procedure of synthesis method in detail and expound the establishment method of function module which can avoid the functional defects of the final designed mechanism. At last, we take the compliant geared linkages and compliant four-bar linkage as examples to illustrate the novel synthesis approach. The result is an applicable and effective synthesis method for motion generation of compliant mechanisms.



Lin, Song / Zhang, Yu / Wang, Hanchao / et al: Geometric synthesis method of compliant mechanism based on similarity transformation of pole maps. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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