UBXN1 is a strong candidate gene in regulation of pork water-holding capacity

He, Jiawen; Lin, Xiangsheng; Yang, Haoxin; Tian, Ye; Zhao, Yuelei; Zhang, Lifan; Wei, Wei; Chen, Jie

The UBX domain containing protein 1-like gene (UBXN1) promotes the degradation of myofibrillar proteins during meat maturation, which affects meat water-holding capacity (WHC). This study aims to identify functional mutations in UBXN1 promoter region, which affects the transcription activity and therefore the WHC. Firstly, we confirmed that the UBXN1 expression level was positively associated with WHC. Individuals with high and low WHC (inline-formulan=16 per group) were selected from 168 Duroc inline-formula× Large White inline-formula× Yorkshire (D inline-formula× L inline-formula× Y) crossbred pigs. The UBXN1 promoter region was comparatively sequenced using DNA pools from these two groups, and a mutation ca. inline-formula−379T inline-formula> G was revealed that had reverse allele distribution. The single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) was then genotyped in the abovementioned population. TT genotype individuals exhibited higher UBXN1 mRNA level and higher WHC compared with GG genotype ones. Further luciferase assay confirmed that TT genotype promoter had higher activity. Moreover, the degradation of cytoskeletal framework proteins of muscle cells like desmin, synemin, dystrophin, and vinculin was higher in TT genotype individuals than GG ones. In conclusion, we identified a SNP in the UBXN1 gene promoter that contributes to WHC improvement and pork quality. And UBXN1 is a strong candidate gene in regulation of pork WHC.



He, Jiawen / Lin, Xiangsheng / Yang, Haoxin / et al: UBXN1 is a strong candidate gene in regulation of pork water-holding capacity. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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