A new borehole electromagnetic receiver developed for controlled-source electromagnetic methods

Song, Sixuan; Deng, Ming; Chen, Kai; A, Muer; Jin, Sheng

Conventional surface electromagnetic methods have limitations of a shallow detection depth and low resolution. To increase the detection depth and resolution, borehole–surface electromagnetic methods for electromagnetic three-dimensional observations of the ground, tunnels, and boreholes have been developed. Current borehole receivers only measure a single parameter of the magnetic field component, which does not meet the special requirements of controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) methods. This study proposes a borehole electromagnetic receiver that realizes synchronous acquisition of the vertical electric field component in the borehole and the three-axis orthogonal magnetic field components. This receiver uses inline-formulaTi electrodes and fluxgate magnetometers (fluxgates) as sensors to acquire electric and magnetic field components. Multi-component comprehensive observation methods that add the electric field component can effectively support the CSEM method, improve detection accuracy, and exhibit a strong potential for detecting deep ore bodies. We conducted laboratory and field experiments to verify the performance of our new borehole electromagnetic receiver. The receiver achieved a magnetic field noise of less than 6 inline-formula M2inlinescrollmathml unit normal pT nobreak0.125em normal Hz - normal 1 / normal 2 49pt17ptsvg-formulamathimg2f2fa550d40784f93d758f5f4a3e8ade gi-10-55-2021-ie00001.svg49pt17ptgi-10-55-2021-ie00001.png at 1 inline-formulakHz, and the electric field noise floor was approximately 20 inline-formula M4inlinescrollmathml unit normal nV nobreak0.125em normal m - normal 1 nobreak0.125em normal Hz - normal 1 / normal 2 70pt14ptsvg-formulamathimg25772bc5daf57bdc9f1220b6f917fd28 gi-10-55-2021-ie00002.svg70pt14ptgi-10-55-2021-ie00002.png at 1 inline-formulakHz. The inline-formula−3 dB electric field bandwidth can reach DC inline-formula−10 kHz. The results of our experiments prove that high-quality CSEM signals can be obtained using this new borehole electromagnetic receiver and that the electric field component exhibits sufficient advantages for measuring the vertical component of the electric field.



Song, Sixuan / Deng, Ming / Chen, Kai / et al: A new borehole electromagnetic receiver developed for controlled-source electromagnetic methods. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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