Characterizing the oceanic ambient noise as recorded by the dense seismo-acoustic Kazakh network

Smirnov, Alexandr; De Carlo, Marine; Le Pichon, Alexis; Shapiro, Nikolai M.; Kulichkov, Sergey

In this study, the dense seismo-acoustic network of the Institute of Geophysical Research (IGR), National Nuclear Centre of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is used to characterize the global ocean ambient noise. As the monitoring facilities are collocated, this allows for a joint seismo-acoustic analysis of oceanic ambient noise. Infrasonic and seismic data are processed using a correlation-based method to characterize the temporal variability of microbarom and microseism signals from 2014 to 2017. The measurements are compared with microbarom and microseism source model output that are distributed by the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER). The microbarom attenuation is calculated using a semi-empirical propagation law in a range-independent atmosphere. The attenuation of microseisms is calculated taking into account seismic attenuation and bathymetry effect. Comparisons between the observed and predicted infrasonic and seismic signals confirm a common source mechanism for both microbaroms and microseisms. Multi-year and intra-seasonal parameter variations are analyzed, revealing the strong influence of long-range atmospheric propagation on microbarom predictions. In winter, dominating sources of microbaroms are located in the North Atlantic and in the North Pacific during sudden stratospheric warming events, while signals observed in summer could originate from sources located in the Southern Hemisphere; however, additional analyses are required to consolidate this hypothesis. These results reveal the strengths and weaknesses of seismic and acoustic methods and lead to the conclusion that a fusion of two techniques brought the investigation to a new level of findings. Summarized findings also provide a perspective for a better description of the source (localization, intensity, spectral distribution) and bonding mechanisms of the ocean–atmosphere–land interfaces.



Smirnov, Alexandr / De Carlo, Marine / Le Pichon, Alexis / et al: Characterizing the oceanic ambient noise as recorded by the dense seismo-acoustic Kazakh network. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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