Production and application of manure nitrogen and phosphorus in the United States since 1860

Bian, Zihao; Tian, Hanqin; Yang, Qichun; Xu, Rongting; Pan, Shufen; Zhang, Bowen

Livestock manure nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) play an important role in biogeochemical cycling. Accurate estimation of manure nutrient is important for assessing regional nutrient balance, greenhouse gas emission, and water environmental risk. Currently, spatially explicit manure nutrient datasets over a century-long period are scarce in the United States (US). Here, we developed four datasets of annual animal manure N and P production and application in the contiguous US at a 30 arcsec resolution over the period of 1860–2017. The dataset combined multiple data sources including county-level inventory data as well as high-resolution livestock and crop maps. The total production of manure N and P increased from 1.4 Tg N yrinline-formula−1 and 0.3 Tg P yrinline-formula−1 in 1860 to 7.4 Tg N yrinline-formula−1 and 2.3 Tg P yrinline-formula−1 in 2017, respectively. The increasing manure nutrient production was associated with increased livestock numbers before the 1980s and enhanced livestock weights after the 1980s. The manure application amount was primarily dominated by production, and its spatial pattern was impacted by the nutrient demand of crops. The intense-application region mainly enlarged from the Midwest toward the southern US and became more concentrated in numerous hot spots after the 1980s. The South Atlantic–Gulf and Mid-Atlantic basins were exposed to high environmental risks due to the enrichment of manure nutrient production and application from the 1970s to the period of 2000–2017. Our long-term manure N and P datasets provide detailed information for national and regional assessments of nutrient budgets. Additionally, the datasets can serve as the input data for ecosystem and hydrological models to examine biogeochemical cycles in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Datasets are available at (Bian et al., 2020).



Bian, Zihao / Tian, Hanqin / Yang, Qichun / et al: Production and application of manure nitrogen and phosphorus in the United States since 1860. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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