Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service TEMPOral profiles (CAMS-TEMPO): global and European emission temporal profile maps for atmospheric chemistry modelling

Guevara, Marc; Jorba, Oriol; Tena, Carles; Denier van der Gon, Hugo; Kuenen, Jeroen; Elguindi, Nellie; Darras, Sabine; Granier, Claire; Pérez García-Pando, Carlos

We present the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service TEMPOral profiles (CAMS-TEMPO), a dataset of global and European emission temporal profiles that provides gridded monthly, daily, weekly and hourly weight factors for atmospheric chemistry modelling. CAMS-TEMPO includes temporal profiles for the priority air pollutants (NOinline-formulax; SOinline-formulax; NMVOC, non-methane volatile organic compound; NHinline-formula3; CO; PMinline-formula10; and PMinline-formula2.5) and the greenhouse gases (COinline-formula2 and CHinline-formula4) for each of the following anthropogenic source categories: energy industry (power plants), residential combustion, manufacturing industry, transport (road traffic and air traffic in airports) and agricultural activities (fertilizer use and livestock). The profiles are computed on a global 0.1 inline-formula× 0.1inline-formula and regional European 0.1 inline-formula× 0.05inline-formula grid following the domain and sector classification descriptions of the global and regional emission inventories developed under the CAMS programme. The profiles account for the variability of the main emission drivers of each sector. Statistical information linked to emission variability (e.g. electricity production and traffic counts) at national and local levels were collected and combined with existing meteorology-dependent parametrizations to account for the influences of sociodemographic factors and climatological conditions. Depending on the sector and the temporal resolution (i.e. monthly, weekly, daily and hourly) the resulting profiles are pollutant-dependent, year-dependent (i.e. time series from 2010 to 2017) and/or spatially dependent (i.e. the temporal weights vary per country or region). We provide a complete description of the data and methods used to build the CAMS-TEMPO profiles, and whenever possible, we evaluate the representativeness of the proxies used to compute the temporal weights against existing observational data. We find important discrepancies when comparing the obtained temporal weights with other currently used datasets. The CAMS-TEMPO data product including the global (CAMS-GLOB-TEMPOv2.1,, Guevara et al., 2020a) and regional European (CAMS-REG-TEMPOv2.1,, Guevara et al., 2020b) temporal profiles are distributed from the Emissions of atmospheric Compounds and Compilation of Ancillary Data (ECCAD) system (uri, last access: February 2021).



Guevara, Marc / Jorba, Oriol / Tena, Carles / et al: Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service TEMPOral profiles (CAMS-TEMPO): global and European emission temporal profile maps for atmospheric chemistry modelling. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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