Solar distillation of impure water from four different water sources under the southwestern Nigerian climate

Adio, Saheed A.; Osowade, Emmanuel A.; Muritala, Adam O.; Fadairo, Adebayo A.; Oladepo, Kamar T.; Obayopo, Surajudeen O.; Fase, Paul O.

The enormous problems caused by the scarcity of potable water and the transmission of waterborne diseases such as cholera, dracunculiasis, hepatitis, typhoid and filariasis in some parts of Nigeria have created a public health concern. Every day thousands of lives are lost due to contact with waterborne diseases. The insufficient medical resources available in developing countries are deployed towards the treatment of waterborne diseases that can easily be avoided if potable water can be made available. This study seeks to investigate the purification of four different water samples (namely water from flowing rivers, freshly dug well or groundwater, rainwater from the rooftops and heavily polluted dirty water) consumed by the people in the local community using a solar desalination method. A single basin solar still was constructed, and experimental studies were carried out to determine the influence of solar insolation and temperature variations on the yield of the distillate for both the passive and active solar stills tested. The quality of the distillate was tested by measuring the total dissolved solid (TDS) and electrical conductivity (EC) and later comparing it to the World Health Organization (WHO) standard for drinkable water. The values obtained after desalination fall within the acceptable/tolerable range for TDS and EC, in accordance with the WHO standard for drinkable water. This analysis provides an indigenous distillation method to enhance the production of drinkable water at a low cost.



Adio, Saheed A. / Osowade, Emmanuel A. / Muritala, Adam O. / et al: Solar distillation of impure water from four different water sources under the southwestern Nigerian climate. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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