Lossy compression of Earth system model data based on a hierarchical tensor with Adaptive-HGFDR (v1.0)

Yu, Zhaoyuan; Li, Dongshuang; Zhang, Zhengfang; Luo, Wen; Liu, Yuan; Wang, Zengjie; Yuan, Linwang

Lossy compression has been applied to the data compression of large-scale Earth system model data (ESMD) due to its advantages of a high compression ratio. However, few lossy compression methods consider both global and local multidimensional coupling correlations, which could lead to information loss in data approximation of lossy compression. Here, an adaptive lossy compression method, adaptive hierarchical geospatial field data representation (Adaptive-HGFDR), is developed based on the foundation of a stream compression method for geospatial data called blocked hierarchical geospatial field data representation (Blocked-HGFDR). In addition, the original Blocked-HGFDR method is also improved from the following perspectives. Firstly, the original data are divided into a series of data blocks of a more balanced size to reduce the effect of the dimensional unbalance of ESMD. Following this, based on the mathematical relationship between the compression parameter and compression error in Blocked-HGFDR, the control mechanism is developed to determine the optimal compression parameter for the given compression error. By assigning each data block an independent compression parameter, Adaptive-HGFDR can capture the local variation of multidimensional coupling correlations to improve the approximation accuracy. Experiments are carried out based on the Community Earth System Model (CESM) data. The results show that our method has higher compression ratio and more uniform error distributions compared with ZFP and Blocked-HGFDR. For the compression results among 22 climate variables, Adaptive-HGFDR can achieve good compression performances for most flux variables with significant spatiotemporal heterogeneity and fast changing rate. This study provides a new potential method for the lossy compression of the large-scale Earth system model data.



Yu, Zhaoyuan / Li, Dongshuang / Zhang, Zhengfang / et al: Lossy compression of Earth system model data based on a hierarchical tensor with Adaptive-HGFDR (v1.0). 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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