OMPS LP Version 2.0 multi-wavelength aerosol extinction coefficient retrieval algorithm

Taha, Ghassan; Loughman, Robert; Zhu, Tong; Thomason, Larry; Kar, Jayanta; Rieger, Landon; Bourassa, Adam

The OMPS Limb Profiler (LP) instrument is designed to provide high-vertical-resolution ozone and aerosol profiles from measurements of the scattered solar radiation in the 290–1000 inline-formulanm spectral range. It collected its first Earth limb measurement on 10 January 2012 and continues to provide daily global measurements of ozone and aerosol profiles from the cloud top up to 60 and 40 inline-formulakm, respectively. The relatively high vertical and spatial sampling allow detection and tracking of sporadic events when aerosol particles are injected into the stratosphere, such as volcanic eruptions or pyrocumulonimbus (PyroCb) events. In this paper we discuss the newly released Version 2.0 OMPS multi-wavelength aerosol extinction coefficient retrieval algorithm. The algorithm now produces aerosol extinction profiles at 510, 600, 674, 745, 869 and 997 inline-formulanm wavelengths. The OMPS LP Version 2.0 data products are compared to the SAGE III/ISS, OSIRIS and CALIPSO missions and shown to be of good quality and suitable for scientific studies. The comparison shows significant improvements in the OMPS LP retrieval performance in the Southern Hemisphere (SH) and at lower altitudes. These improvements arise from use of the longer wavelengths, in contrast with the V1.0 and V1.5 OMPS aerosol retrieval algorithms, which used radiances only at 675 inline-formulanm and therefore had limited sensitivity in those regions. In particular, the extinction coefficients at 745, 869 and 997 inline-formulanm are shown to be the most accurate, with relative accuracies and precisions close to 10 % and 15 %, respectively, while the 675 inline-formulanm relative accuracy and precision are on the order of 20 %. The 510 inline-formulanm extinction coefficient is shown to have limited accuracy in the SH and is only recommended for use between 20–24 inline-formulakm and only in the Northern Hemisphere. The V2.0 retrieval algorithm has been applied to the complete set of OMPS LP measurements, and the new dataset is publicly available.



Taha, Ghassan / Loughman, Robert / Zhu, Tong / et al: OMPS LP Version 2.0 multi-wavelength aerosol extinction coefficient retrieval algorithm. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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