Optimal design and experimental study of fixed abrasive pads based on coupling of damping regulation and pellet arrangement

Xu, Chaoqun; Fang, Congfu; Li, Yuan; Liu, Chong

Lapping and polishing technology is an efficient processing method for wafer planarization processing. The structure of the fixed abrasive pad (FAP) is one of the most concerning issues in the research. The FAP structure affects the pressure distribution on the wafer surface, and the pressure distribution during processing has a significant influence on the wafer surface. Therefore, in this paper, a better pressure distribution is obtained by adjusting the angle of the spiral arrangement and the damping distribution of the damping layer of the FAP, thereby obtaining better processing quality. Based on the above theory, a new type of FAP, with coupling between the arrangement of the pellets and the damping regulation of the damping layer, was designed and optimized. The machining effects of different FAPs on the workpiece surface are compared in terms of material removal rate, material removal thickness, and surface roughness. The test results show that the workpiece material removal rate is higher than that of the traditional FAP when using the optimized FAP. The non-uniformity of the optimized FAP for that of material removal was 4.034 inline-formulaµm, which was lower than the traditional FAPs by 24.4 % and 17.6 %, respectively. The average surface roughness, Ra, of the optimized FAP is 0.21 inline-formulaµm, which is lower than 19.1 % and 12.5 % of the two traditional FAPs, respectively. Therefore, workpiece material removal and distribution are more uniform, and the surface quality of the workpiece is better when the optimized FAP processing is used. The test results prove that the optimized pellet arrangement and damping can achieve a better surface quality of the workpiece, which can meet the precision lapping process requirements for high-quality surfaces and large-scale production of brittle and hard materials such as sapphire.



Xu, Chaoqun / Fang, Congfu / Li, Yuan / et al: Optimal design and experimental study of fixed abrasive pads based on coupling of damping regulation and pellet arrangement. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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