A dynamic bidirectional coupled surface flow model for flood inundation simulation

Jiang, Chunbo; Zhou, Qi; Yu, Wangyang; Yang, Chen; Lin, Binliang

Flood disasters frequently threaten people and property all over the world. Therefore, an effective numerical model is required to predict the impacts of floods. In this study, a dynamic bidirectional coupled hydrologic–hydrodynamic model (DBCM) is developed with the implementation of characteristic wave theory, in which the boundary between these two models can dynamically adapt according to local flow conditions. The proposed model accounts for both mass and momentum transfer on the coupling boundary and was validated via several benchmark tests. The results show that the DBCM can effectively reproduce the process of flood propagation and also account for surface flow interaction between non-inundation and inundation regions. The DBCM was implemented for the floods simulation that occurred at Helin Town located in Chongqing, China, which shows the capability of the model for flood risk early warning and future management.



Jiang, Chunbo / Zhou, Qi / Yu, Wangyang / et al: A dynamic bidirectional coupled surface flow model for flood inundation simulation. 2021. Copernicus Publications.


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