The CH-IRP data set: a decade of fortnightly data on δ2H and δ18O in streamflow and precipitation in Switzerland

Staudinger, Maria; Seeger, Stefan; Herbstritt, Barbara; Stoelzle, Michael; Seibert, Jan; Stahl, Kerstin; Weiler, Markus

The stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen, inline-formula18O and inline-formula2H, provide information on water flow pathways and hydrologic catchment functioning. Here a data set of time series data on precipitation and streamflow isotope composition in medium-sized Swiss catchments, CH-IRP, is presented that is unique in terms of its long-term multi-catchment coverage along an alpine to pre-alpine gradient. The data set comprises fortnightly time series of both inline-formulaδ2H and inline-formulaδ18O as well as deuterium excess from streamflow for 23 sites in Switzerland, together with summary statistics of the sampling at each station. Furthermore, time series of inline-formulaδ18O and inline-formulaδ2H in precipitation are provided for each catchment derived from interpolated data sets from the ISOT, GNIP and ANIP networks. For each station we compiled relevant metadata describing both the sampling conditions and catchment characteristics and climate information. Lab standards and errors are provided, and potentially problematic measurements are indicated to help the user decide on the applicability for individual study purposes. For the future, the measurements are planned to be continued at 14 stations as a long-term isotopic measurement network, and the CH-IRP data set will, thus, continuously be extended. The data set can be downloaded from data repository Zenodo at (Staudinger et al., 2020).



Staudinger, Maria / Seeger, Stefan / Herbstritt, Barbara / et al: The CH-IRP data set: a decade of fortnightly data on δ2H and δ18O in streamflow and precipitation in Switzerland. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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