Estimates of tree root water uptake from soil moisture profile dynamics

Jackisch, Conrad; Knoblauch, Samuel; Blume, Theresa; Zehe, Erwin; Hassler, Sibylle K.

Root water uptake (RWU), as an important process in the terrestrial water cycle, can help us to better understand the interactions in the soil–plant–atmosphere continuum. We conducted a field study monitoring soil moisture profiles in the rhizosphere of beech trees at two sites with different soil conditions. We present an algorithm to infer RWU from step-shaped, diurnal changes in soil moisture.

While this approach is a feasible, easily implemented method for moderately moist and homogeneously textured soil conditions, limitations were identified during drier states and for more heterogeneous soil settings. A comparison with the time series of xylem sap velocity underlines that RWU and sap flow (SF) are complementary measures in the transpiration process. The high correlation between the SF time series of the two sites, but lower correlation between the RWU time series, suggests that soil characteristics affect RWU of the trees but not SF.



Jackisch, Conrad / Knoblauch, Samuel / Blume, Theresa / et al: Estimates of tree root water uptake from soil moisture profile dynamics. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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