N 2O isotope approaches for source partitioning of N 2O production and estimation of N 2O reduction – validation with the 15N gas-flux method in laboratory and field studies

Lewicka-Szczebak, Dominika; Lewicki, Maciej Piotr; Well, Reinhard

The approaches based on natural abundance inline-formulaN2O stable isotopes are often applied for the estimation of mixing proportions between various inline-formulaN2O-producing pathways as well as for estimation of the extent of inline-formulaN2O reduction to inline-formulaN2. But such applications are associated with numerous uncertainties; hence, their limited accuracy needs to be considered. Here we present the first systematic validation of these methods for laboratory and field studies by applying the inline-formula15N gas-flux method as the reference approach.

Besides applying dual-isotope plots for interpretation of inline-formulaN2O isotopic data, for the first time we propose a three dimensional inline-formulaN2O isotopocule model based on Bayesian statistics to estimate the inline-formulaN2O mixing proportions and reduction extent based simultaneously on three inline-formulaN2O isotopic signatures (inline-formulaδ15N, inline-formulaδ15Ninline-formulaSP, and inline-formulaδ18O). Determination of the mixing proportions of individual pathways with inline-formulaN2O isotopic approaches often appears imprecise, mainly due to imperfect isotopic separation of the particular pathways. Nevertheless, the estimation of inline-formulaN2O reduction is much more robust, when applying an optimal calculation strategy, typically reaching an accuracy of inline-formulaN2O residual fraction determination of about 0.15.



Lewicka-Szczebak, Dominika / Lewicki, Maciej Piotr / Well, Reinhard: N2O isotope approaches for source partitioning of N2O production and estimation of N2O reduction – validation with the 15N gas-flux method in laboratory and field studies. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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