CITYZER observation network and data delivery system

Schmidt, Walter; Harri, Ari-Matti; Nousiainen, Timo; Hohti, Harri; Johansson, Lasse; Ojanperä, Olli; Viitala, Erkki; Niemi, Jarkko; Turpeinen, Jani; Saukko, Erkka; Rönkkö, Topi; Lahti, Pekka

CITYZER develops new digital services and products to support decision-making processes related to weather and air quality in cities. This includes, for example, early warnings and forecasts (0–24 h), which allow for avoiding weather-related accidents, mitigate human distress and costs from weather-related damage and bad air quality, and generally improve the resilience and safety of the society. The project takes advantage of the latest scientific know-how and directly exploits the expertise obtained from earlier projects. Central to the project is the Observation Network Manager NM10 developed by Vaisala, on which CITYZER defines and builds new commercial services and connects new sensor networks, for example, for air quality measurements, as well as the ENFUSER local-scale air quality modelling system developed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, for real-time air quality forecasts and nowcasts.



Schmidt, Walter / Harri, Ari-Matti / Nousiainen, Timo / et al: CITYZER observation network and data delivery system. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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