Response of near-inertial energy to a supercritical tropical cyclone and jet in the South China Sea: modelling study

Kung, Hiu Suet; Gan, Jianping

We used a well-validated three-dimensional ocean model to investigate the process of energetic response of near-inertial oscillations (NIOs) to a tropical cyclone (TC) and strong background jet in the South China Sea (SCS). We found that the NIO and near-inertial kinetic energy (KEni) varied distinctly during different stages of the TC forcing, and the horizontal and vertical transport of KEni was largely modulated by the velocity and vorticity of the jet. The KEni reached its peak value within inline-formula M1inlinescrollmathml normal 1 / normal 2 31pt14ptsvg-formulamathimg11692853f8e1bc833e4c314f437a11f4 os-16-1095-2020-ie00001.svg31pt14ptos-16-1095-2020-ie00001.png the inertial period after the initial TC forcing stage in the upper layer, decayed quickly by inline-formula1∕2 in the next 2 d, and further decreased at a slower rate during the relaxation stage of the TC forcing. Analyses of the KEni balance indicate that the weakened KEni in the upper layer during the forcing stage was mainly attributed to the downward KEni transport due to pressure work through the vertical displacement of isopycnal surfaces, while upward KEni advection from depths also contributed to the weakening in the TC-induced upwelling region. In contrast, during the relaxation stage as the TC moved away, the effect of vertical advection on KEni reduction was negligible and the KEni was chiefly removed by the outward propagation of inertial-gravity waves, horizontal advection, and viscous dissipation. Both the outward wave propagation and horizontal advection by the jet provided the KEni source in the far field. During both stages, the negative geostrophic vorticity south of the jet facilitated the vertical propagation of inertial-gravity waves.



Kung, Hiu Suet / Gan, Jianping: Response of near-inertial energy to a supercritical tropical cyclone and jet in the South China Sea: modelling study. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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