Physiological, antimicrobial, intestine morphological, and immunological effects of fructooligosaccharides in pigs

Csernus, Brigitta; Czeglédi, Levente

In pig nutrition, there are some periods when natural alternatives to antibiotics are more required, such as during suckling and weaning. Fructooligosaccharides (FOSs) are a group of prebiotics applied as feed ingredients in animal nutrition since their positive effects on growth performance, immunological parameters, intestinal microbiota, and gut morphology are reported. Accordingly, FOS may be candidate molecules to improve the mentioned properties in pigs. Previous studies defined FOS as inhibiting the activity of pathogens and increasing the colonization of beneficial bacteria in the gut, although metabolites of FOS decreased the intestinal pH value. Beneficial effects on digestive-enzyme activities and on protein digestion were determined in some studies. All of the three types of FOS (inulin, oligomeric fructans, and short-chain FOSs) promoted the microbial composition of the gut by increasing the colonizations of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Prevotella genus. FOS also affected the immune response directly and indirectly and increased vaccine-specific IgA, serum IgG, and IgE levels. Moreover, FOS enhanced the activation of T cells and altered the secretions of some cytokines. Levels of vaccine-specific IgG could not be increased after FOS supplements. In most cases, FOS modified intestinal morphological parameters, such as longer villi, villus-height-to-crypt-depth ratio, and thicker mucosa, which could suggest better absorptive functions. Results are contradictory on growth performance, which might be influenced by the chemical structure, the duration, and the dose of FOS, so further studies are required. This review aims to gather information regarding immunological, antimicrobial, intestine morphological, and growth performance properties of fructooligosaccharides in pigs.



Csernus, Brigitta / Czeglédi, Levente: Physiological, antimicrobial, intestine morphological, and immunological effects of fructooligosaccharides in pigs. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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