An improved second-order dynamic stall model for wind turbine airfoils

Bangga, Galih; Lutz, Thorsten; Arnold, Matthias

Robust and accurate dynamic stall modeling remains one of the most difficult tasks in wind turbine load calculations despite its long research effort in the past. In the present paper, a new second-order dynamic stall model is developed with the main aim to model the higher harmonics of the vortex shedding while retaining its robustness for various flow conditions and airfoils. Comprehensive investigations and tests are performed at various flow conditions. The occurring physical characteristics for each case are discussed and evaluated in the present studies. The improved model is also tested on four different airfoils with different relative thicknesses. The validation against measurement data demonstrates that the improved model is able to reproduce the dynamic polar accurately without airfoil-specific parameter calibration for each investigated flow condition and airfoil. This can deliver further benefits to industrial applications where experimental/reference data for calibrating the model are not always available.



Bangga, Galih / Lutz, Thorsten / Arnold, Matthias: An improved second-order dynamic stall model for wind turbine airfoils. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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