The new instrument using a TC–BC (total carbon–black carbon) method for the online measurement of carbonaceous aerosols

Rigler, Martin; Drinovec, Luka; Lavrič, Gašper; Vlachou, Athanasia; Prévôt, André S. H.; Jaffrezo, Jean Luc; Stavroulas, Iasonas; Sciare, Jean; Burger, Judita; Kranjc, Irena; Turšič, Janja; Hansen, Anthony D. A.; Močnik, Griša

We present a newly developed total carbon analyzer (TCA08) and a method for online speciation of carbonaceous aerosol with a high time resolution. The total carbon content is determined by flash heating of a sample collected on a quartz-fiber filter with a time base between 20 min and 24 h. The limit of detection is approximately 0.3 inline-formulaµg C, which corresponds to a concentration of 0.3 inline-formulaµg C minline-formula−3 at a sample flow rate of 16.7 L mininline-formula−1 and a 1 h sampling time base. The concentration of particulate equivalent organic carbon (OC) is determined by subtracting black carbon concentration, concurrently measured optically by an Aethalometer®, from the total carbon concentration measured by the TCA08. The combination of the TCA08 and Aethalometer (AE33) is an easy-to-deploy and low-maintenance continuous measurement technique for the high-time-resolution determination of equivalent organic and elemental carbon (EC) in different particulate matter size fractions, which avoids pyrolytic correction and the need for high-purity compressed gases. The performance of this online method relative to the standardized off-line thermo-optical OC–EC method and respective instruments was evaluated during a winter field campaign at an urban background location in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The organic-matter-to-organic-carbon ratio obtained from the comparison with an aerosol chemical speciation monitor (ACSM) was inline-formula M5inlinescrollmathml chem normal OM / normal OC = normal 1.8 70pt14ptsvg-formulamathimg47eef3744f0d0ab176dfa9f9d97c5439 amt-13-4333-2020-ie00001.svg70pt14ptamt-13-4333-2020-ie00001.png , in the expected range.



Rigler, Martin / Drinovec, Luka / Lavrič, Gašper / et al: The new instrument using a TC–BC (total carbon–black carbon) method for the online measurement of carbonaceous aerosols. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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