Influence of flex-sub on mechanical properties of rotary steerable drilling system

Wang, Jin; Xue, Qilong; Li, Lixin; Huang, Leilei; Li, Fangtao; Liu, Baolin

In this paper we analysis of the dynamic model of the Rotary Steerable System (RSS) with a single stabilizer and flex-sub. The drill collar and joint are simplified to obtain suitable bottom-hole assembly (BHA) model of mechanical analysis and finite element analysis. Using the BHA uniform stiffness assumption (ignoring the influence of variable section and variable stiffness of drill collar in BHA), the paper takes a method of the longitudinal and transverse bending continuous beam method to analyse the stress of BHA with RSS with the flex-sub under different inclination angles and curvature conditions. In addition, a dynamic analysis model is proposed, and the dynamic stress of drilling tools with RSS is analysed. Through the software of ANSYS, the finite element analysis of the RSS with the flex-sub is carried out to verify the theoretical results. The influence of flex-sub on the steering drilling performance of RSS is studied, and the optimized parameters of flex-sub design are obtained, which provides useful suggestions for the design of RSS.



Wang, Jin / Xue, Qilong / Li, Lixin / et al: Influence of flex-sub on mechanical properties of rotary steerable drilling system. 2020. Copernicus Publications.


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